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A complete ecommerce platform for city centre parking

With your MetroParker subscription you get access to....

1. Your secure online management tool

2. Operations suite

3. Your branded customer facing website

Shortly after your subscription is approved you will get access to your own, secure online management tool and operations suite. Once logged in, your branded customer facing website will be ready for you. You will have a test website that is not public facing that you can configure and tweak the look and feel of until you are happy. 

Your Operations Suite will come full configured to suit you.

One of our experts will guide you through activating, configuring and plugging in your first car park. Once you are happy with the website and that the barriers and payment gateway are working, its one click to go live.

After that, its simple and you will be able to do it all yourself for the rest of your car parks using the intuitive set-up wizard. 

Branded website and widgets

Your secure Management Tool

Fully featured Operations Suite