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Future Proof Technology

Scalable and robust architecture

MetroParker is Software as a Service, which means you access it over the internet - no installs or downloads. Because MetroParker is actually hosted in the AWS Cloud, where Amazon is hosted and it handles millions of transactions per year there's no need to worry about scale or robustness or security. We’ve taken care of that. MetroParker is also fast with market leading page response times including on mobile, which means less buffering and minimal page abandonment mid transaction so you can be sure of more bookings completing.

Technical Support

MetroParker comes with 24/7/365 support and we work to our own demanding Service level Agreement that guarantees you minimum up time of 99.99%. You will have access directly to the technical team who know your instance of MetroParker inside out via an on call expert engineer. We also proactively monitor your MetroParker plus any 3rd party integrations you may have to make sure your parking products are always for sale..


MetroParker is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. Our certification is available on request. Our data protection policies mean that your data is managed in the most secure fashion compliant with prevailing international, continental and national privacy and data protection laws.


There is an API to allow MetroParker to link to your own systems should you wish. In addition 3rd party systems can be allowed web-based agency style access via our REST API link so that they can sell your product on your behalf which means you can increase the channels via which you sell your parking.


Comprehensive dashboards show exactly how well your car parks are performing an provide you with all the Business intelligence data you need day to day.